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Helping organisations achieve growth.

Muirton provide pragmatic and actionable insights to help solve business problems, and deliver growth.

Our areas of expertise

Managing Customer Experience | Employee Engagement | Customer Loyalty | Market Segmentation


By combining our practical skills in business with academic qualifications in statistics and marketing we help organisations solve complex business problems, and deliver growth. These are our core areas of expertise that we offer to our clients.

Managing Customer Experience

Designed to understand the drivers of satisfaction and  identify actions that will improve performance.

Employee Engagement

Our approach is holistic in that it considers not only engagement, but the various states of employee activation.

Customer Loyalty

Customer value management is key to understanding how organisations deliver value from the customers' perspective.

Market Segmentation

Achieve a competitive advantage by adopting targeted marketing strategies. 

Our Approach

Businesses and other organisations require reliable and timely information to make the best possible decisions. We therefore invest time and effort up front to understand the decisions that research information is to be used for and how it is to be applied. We then follow a robust design process covering every phase of the project.  Not only does this attention to detail mean that nothing is overlooked, but it ensures transparency and confirms understanding. 

Throughout the project, we firmly focus on achieving technical excellence to ensure that potential for bias is minimised. We keep in close contact with our clients with both formal ‘work in progress’ reporting and via regular discussions. Above all, we operate a ‘no surprises’ approach and alert clients to any issues or risks as soon as they arise. 

We become an extension of our client, working in partnership to deliver highly reliable, customised information that will enable better decision making, and ultimately deliver growth. 

There are only two ways to influence human behaviour: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.


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