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About us

We are specialists in designing customised studies that directly address business issues.

Muirton is a specialist consultancy that uses a unique set of skills and experience in business, statistics and marketing, to help organisations make better business decisions. We work with senior leaders across the organisation to provide them with insights, advice and tools they need to achieve their business priorities, to build stronger more productive and resilient organisations, and to deliver growth. We achieve this by converting data from customised studies into information that is pragmatic and actionable, and importantly, that directly addresses organisational decision making.

We use our expertise in business, consultancy, market research and statistics to help organisations solve business problems, to becomes more resilient, and deliver growth.

We work collaboratively as an extension of the client organisation to help solve the following types of challenges:

  • Growing a more engaged and committed workforce

  • Improving customer loyalty and commitment

  • Identifying actions to attract and retain new customers

  • Improving the customer experience delivered via organisational touch-points

  • Improving customer satisfaction with the organisation itself, its products and services

  • Optimising price setting

Underpinning our approach is our attention to detail, our technical expertise with designing, collecting and analysing feedback from stakeholders, and creating information that directly informs decision making.

Our areas of expertise

Our team of experts combine their practical skills to help organisations solve complex business issues, and deliver growth. 

Managing Customer Experience.

We help organisations focus on the most critical elements of their customer interactions to increase satisfaction and commitment.

Employee Engagement.

We identify pragmatic actions and priorities that will directly and positively influence the level of work engagement for a client organisation.

Customer Loyalty

Our customer value management approach identifies actions that will strengthen the customer base and drive growth.

Market Segmentation

Achieve a competitive advantage by adopting targeted marketing strategies 

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